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PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 4 - “The Whoopee in the Night”

korra has a horrific experience and meets lots of people with nice hair


jinora face appreciation in original airbenders

i wanted to make a gif set of jinora’s faces in episode 7 after listening to dongbufeng’s podcast and hearing dylan freak out over all her emotions :)


kainora + mini baby flying bisons


catching up with korra s3! can’t wait to see more of the villains this season >:)


i will never stop

happy early birthday Elli!


Translated these adorable and hilarious minicomics I found and saved a long time ago! I don’t have the source, but its from Pixiv I believe.


the seven princesses of heart for stacey

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Eyes

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I know you two have a connection.

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